The antiquity of the department of botany goes back to 1961, when biology was the subject in Intermediate. In 1966 botany became a pass subject in degree level. In 1976 Honours first opened with 16 seats. The number of seats increased to 24 in 1986, 32 in 2002 and finally in 2015 all 38 seats have Honours. From 2016, it became CBSE pattern in +2 and CBCS in +3 with 6 semesters in 3 years degree.

The founder of the department, Mr. PremanandaMohanty continued as Head of the department and Vice-President of seminar for 34 years from 1961 to 1995, succeeded by MrsSudhiraJachuk, until 2001; Dr. Sankareswar Swain, until 2003; Mr. Bikash Chandra Rout, until 2008; Mr. PravakarSahoo, until 2009; Dr. Nalini K. Mohapatra, until 2015 and Dr. Siddhartha Ku. Sahu, is now the Reader-HOD and Vice-Principal. The other teachers at present are Mr. Sovan Panda, Dr. BanditaAcharya, Dr. SanjitBiswas, Dr. Anandini Rout, Mr. BhabjitPatnaikandMrs. NiveditaNayak. Four laboratory Assistants namely, Ms. BiswarupaMohanty, MsSumitra Das. Recently Ms. F.A.Khatun and MsSumitraBehera have been appointed in place of retired demonstrators. Late PramodRath, Late Farooque Ali, Mr. BanmaliSahu and Mr. P.K Mangraj. In addition one store keeper Sri R.R.Muduli and four laboratory attendants Sarfaraz Ali, Sunil Thapa, SanatanPadhy, RanjitBehera and a Gardener BinodAbardha, are there to support us.

Since the inception of Botany as Honours in 1976, it has been the continuous effort by the staff to conduct seminars by inviting eminent educationists and scientists in plant science to the annual seminar for enhancement of talent and scientific temper among students. During this occasion, students delivering the best three seminar presentations are awarded by the Chief Guest, as well as the topper in honours is awarded the Bairiganjan Memorial trophy.

Some of the eminent teachers of this department, who have excelled and moved ahead for better opportunities are Mr. M.S. Scaria who joined in 1963 and left for the US for better career. Mr. DharmajeeRao joined in 1965 and left in 1966 to join OES. Dr. P.A. Khan joined in 1965 and left to join Berhampur University in 1967. Dr. BamanAcharya joined in 1975 and joined OES in 1980. Dr. Prasant Ku. Behera joined in 1978 and went to Moscow Agricultural Academy, USSR and returned in 1985 and subsequently left to join Berhampur University as professor in 1987. Dr. G.C. Bairiganjan joined in 1977 and untimely left his heavenly abode in 1989. Mr. LalitChoudhury joined in 2003 and left in 2013 to join OES at S.C.S College, Puri. MsSneharatnaMohanty, joined in 2016 and left in 2017 to join the O.R.S.

Professors in charge of seminar were Dr. Sankareswar Swain (1978), Dr. BamanAcharya(1979), Dr. Prasanta Ku. Behera(1981), Dr. N.K.Mohapara (1983), Mr. Bikash Ch. Rout (1995), Dr. Siddhartha Ku. Sahu (1998), Dr. N.K.Mohapara (2003), Mr. Sovan Panda (2006), Dr. BanditaAcharya is continuing from 2016. Many of the distinguished guests and scientists, have been kind enough to donate books and cash for development of the lendinglibrary of the seminar in memory of Late G.C.Bairiganjan. Prof. S.N.Patnaik donated 40 books and Rs. 2,000/- in 1990 and Rs. 5000/- for Bairiganjan Memorial trophy for the best student in honours. Dr. Dipali Bastia in 2006 donated 60 Nos of Books. Dr. Pratap Panda, Scientist of RPRC, donated Rs.5000/- in 2010. In the same year Mr. Ashok Ku.Parida, Executive Officer of Cuttack Municipality Corporation provided for the fencing of the pond garden.

The department had the unique opportunity to conduct Odisha Botanical Society National Seminars twice i.e. in 1998 and 2010. A State level UGC workshop was organised on conservation of medicinal plants in 2017. The staff and students had conducted Science exhibitions on three occasions 1983, 1993 and 2001. The department constructed a granite top round table smart room in 2007 and the Governing Body was kind enough to donate a smart board, laptop and LCD projector in 2016 to start the first smart class in the college. The department has three well maintained gardens namely Eastern Pond garden, Northern Palm garden and a medicinal and horticulture garden in the south west. With the legacy of talented teachers, the department of Botany has maintained its standard as one of the leading departments in the State and in future also we look forward to keep up the same standard.

Faculty profile (including teaching, non-teaching & technical staff)
Dr. Siddharth Kumar SahuM.Sc,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,Post DOC(USA)Reader & HOD9438368690
Sri Sovan Panda Lecturer9437269541
Mrs. BanditaAcharyaM.Sc,M.Phil,Ph.D.Lecturer9439550281
Sri Sanjit BiswasM.Sc,M.Phil,Ph.D.Lecturer9437435374
Dr. (Mrs.) Anandini RoutM.Sc,M.Phil,Ph.D.Lecturer9658947236
Sri. Bhabjit PattnaikM.Sc,M.PhilLecturer9438286450
Mrs. Nibedita NayakM.Sc,M.PhilLecturer9438426411
Ms. Arshee AliM.Sc.Lecturer
Mrs. Biswarupa MohantyB.Sc, MBALab. Assistants8260056977
Mrs. Sumitra DashB.Sc, PGDCALab. Assistants9658543482
Mrs. F.A. KhatunB.ScLab. Assistants8328878093
Mrs. Sumitra BeheraB.ScLab. Assistants9658251522
Mr. RashmiRanjan MuduliB.ScStore Keeper9124571729
Sri. S. S. AliLab. Attendants9861686710
Sri Sanatan PadhiLab. Attendants9853419959
Sri Sunil ThapaLab. Attendants8260166691
Sri Ranjit BeheraLab. Attendants9040948403
Sri Binod AbardhaGardner9778796562

Gallery Of Botany Department

Noted Alumni of the Department of Botany
Dr.Lotan Ku BosePrincipal Sciencist,Plant Breeding,NRRI
Dr.BibekanandaBholDirector, PCB, BBSR993726930
Dr. A.K. KhillarAssociate Prof.,Botany, Dhenkanal Auto College9438705222
Dr.Rina RoutrayEnviornentalist & Social Worker9438272152
Mr.Krushna SatpathyDirector, Sales& Marketing, JEEP8249945058
Ms. Lily SenapatiSenior Civil Judge, DLSA, Sambalpur
Dr.NiharRanjan SinghAsst. Prof. , Ravenshaw University
Dr.Pratyush Ku. DasUniversity Of Helenski,Finland
Mr.MrutunjayPatraAsst. Manager Marketing, NALCO,Chennai9043034304
Dr.Rabindra NayakAsst. Prof,F.M University9437226529
Dr.Abahas Ku. MaharanaScientist-B,WQM-II, NGRBA,CPCP,PariveshBhawan , New Delhi9438488844
Mr.Satyapriya DalaiBranch Manager
Ms Suprava MallickReseach Scholar, Wetland Training, Research center, ChiliukaDevlopment,Authority