The piece of writing comes from the core of my heart. I feel honoured and privileged to be a part of this prestigious, 75 year old institution– Christ College, as a faculty of the Department of English.

This glorious institution, established in the year 1944, is one of the oldest non-government colleges in Odisha, which has been a torch-bearer in the spread of education. It has come a long way in churning out young, sensitive minds who have gone on to become valuable citizens in their respective fields. This college has passed through the thick and thin of changing times and has with stood the ravages of time to emerge as one of the premier institutions affiliated to the Utkal University. It was established by the Cuttack Christian Education Board in 1944, under the name “Utkal Christian College”. Subsequently in the year 1949, it was named “Christ College” after Lord Jesus Christ who symbolises love, sacrifice and dedication. The College started with subjects like English, History, Logic, Economics, Mathematics, Sanskrit and Odia.

English department is one of the founding departments of this college comprisingstalwarts like Rev. BrajanandaMohanty, who was also the first Principal and one of the founder memebrs of this college. Sri Manoj Das, Prof. Sarbeswar Das, Prof. Banerjee and many others whose scholarly endeavour and unflinching dedication helped to take the department forward. In course of time many more renowned teachers enriched the annals of this department such as Dr. P.K. Jagadev, Mr. K.S. Bhaskar, Mr. AtinChoudhury, Mr. P.D. James, Mrs. Nanda, Mrs. S. Mishra and Mrs. Rashmi Mishra. The present faculty members are also putting in their best effort to keep up the glory of the department and are instrumental in adding feathers to its cap. Mrs. MadhumitaPatro, head of the department, Dr. ZeharaJabeen, Dr. Mrs. Jeeta Ray, Dr. Sarada Prasad Kar, Mrs. MeghamalaSatpathy, Mrs. SomalikaSahoo and Mrs. MadhulikaMaharana are at present serving in the department.

This royal department houses a well maintained seminar library which is of great help to the students. There is a literary society which organises essay and debate competitions thus encouraging students toflaunt their talents and build in them confidence to face the outside world. The department publishes an annual magazine named “The Reflections” which has now been renamed as “Literary Delights” under the editorship of Dr. ZehraJabeen. The faculty has always put its best efforts to enhance the honour and prestige of the department by developing a healthy rapport with the students through the mentor/mentee system. Through this system, the students discuss their academic and personal problems with the mentors.

Today as I walk down memory lane, trying to recollect my journey of 23 years in Christ College, that crisp and bright October morning stands out clearly in my mind’s eye when I stepped onto the precincts of this gloriouscollege on the 27th of Oct. 1995. There was a lot of apprehension in my mind. Little did I know that this unfamiliar surrounding would very soon become my second home. As a member of this institution, I have been a part of many glorious moments like the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and the NAAC visit under the principalship of Sri Asit Bose, who was not only a wonderful human being but also an efficient and dynamic administrator.

Christ College has not only given me social recognition but has also given me some good friends for life. My experience in this college has been full of sweet memories. Thus I owe a lot to this prestigious temple of learning which has given me a purpose in life.

Faculty profile (including teaching, non-teaching & technical staff)
Mrs. Madhumita Patra M.A.,M.Phill.Lecturer & HOD9437385707
Dr. Zehara Jabeen M.A.,Ph.DLecturer9338812127
Dr.(Mrs.) Jeeta Ray M.A.,M.Phill.,Ph.DLecturer9437026617
Sri Sarada Prasad Kar M.A.,M.Phill.Lecturer9437113162
Mrs. Meghamala Satpathy M.A.,M.Phill.Lecturer9658222568
Mrs. Somalika Sahoo M.A.,M.Phill.Lecturer8280200463
Mrs.Madhulika Moharana M.A.,B.Ed.Lecturer7978484511

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