The department of Logic and Philosophy, since its inception in 1994 has come a long way and carved a niche for itself in the academic map of the state and outside. Prof. S.R. Mukherjee, an erudite scholar and the founding member of the department had the unique distinction of being the first faculty member of the Utkal Christian College which later renamed as Christ College, Cuttack in 1949.

Prof. S.R. Mukherjee was a genuine scholar who was known for his unwavering contribution towards teaching and research in philosophy especially in the field of Philosophy of religion. He was truly a students’ delight and there was an element of panache in everything he did. Christ College, Cuttack had the honour of having him as its Principal from 1962 to 1964. However, his irresistible love for teaching and research preforced him to relinquish the post of Principal and rejoin the department till he attained the age of superannuation on 31.05.82.

With the introduction of BA Classes, the department encumbered additional workload which necessitated the appointment of another faculty member in form of Professor NityanandaDurzie, a gold medalist of Allahabad University. His fascination for Christ College and irresistible fervour for teaching prompted him to relinquish the post of Principal in Panchayat College, Baragarh and joined Prof. Mukherjee in the department, Prof. Durzie, an outstanding teacher and a prolific writer earned name and fame for his epoch-making books on deductive and inductivelogic. His presence in the department was indeed a valuable asset. Prof. Durzie has also served as the Vice-Principal of Christ College for some time.

Again with the introduction of Honours in Philosophy and the corresponding enhancement of the workloaded to the appointment of another brilliant scholar Prof. Biranchi Narayan Sahoo as a lecturer in the department. Prof. Sahoo served the department with a high level of academic spirit, diligence and dedication Unfortunately he passed away with a cardiac arrest in 1992. He was indeed a very friendly, reasonably content and a responsible person. His amiability made him endearing to one and all in the campus. He had also served the college as its Vice-Principal for some time.

As a matter of fact, the trinity Prof. Mukherjee, Prof. Durzie and Prof. Sahoo had done a tremendous job and set a platform a taking the name and fame of the department to a greater height. They left a legacy that is worth emulating. Consequent upon the retirement of Prof. Mukherjee and Prof. Durzie, Dr. NiranjanMohanty, and a Dr. Sadhu CharanSahoo joined the department with effect from 29.07.82 and 18.09.82 respectively. Following the untimely demise of Prof. B.N. Sahu Dr. Mohin Mohammad joined the department on 08.11.1993 and Prof. Suman Roy on 16.08.94 as lecturers.

Dr. NiranjanMohanty has done his research on the philosophy of Thakur AbhiramParamhansa, a noted socio-religious thinker of Odisha. He has published several booksand articles in different journals. Dr. Mohanty has also served the college as Administrative bursar and was the staff representative to the Governing body of the college. Dr. Sadhu CharanSahoo has done his research on the Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda a contemporary Indian Philosopher. He has also published a book entitled “Humanism in the philosophy of Vivekananda”. Dr. Mohin Mohammad has done his research in the field of Ancient Greek Philosophy leading to the degree of M.Phil and Ph.D. He had been to Greece and has successfully completed his post-doctoral research by obtaining research fellowship from the Government of Greece. He has published four books and more than twenty-five research articles in different journals of National and International repute. Four scholars have been awarded Ph.D degree in philosophy under his direct supervision and some other are still working under his guidance towards their degree of Ph.D. Prof. SumanRoy,M.Phil has done research on the philosophy of wittgenstine and working towards the degree of Ph.D. He has also had some research articles to his credit Currently Prof. Roy is working as the Administrative Bursar of the College in addition to his teaching assignment.

With the superannuation of Dr. Sadhu CharanSahoo and Dr. NiranjanMohanty in 2012 and 2015 respectively. Mrs. ItishreePrusty, M.Phil and Ms. Swagatika Dash joined the department in 2016 and 2017 respectively as lecturers. Both Mrs. Prusty and Ms. Dash are doing their research in field of Indian Philosophy leading to the degree of Ph.D. Their addition to the department is indeed, a force multiplier.

The present faculty members Prof. Roy, Mrs. Prusty and Ms. Dash under the stewardship of Dr. Mohin Mohammad alligning themselves with their predecessors have ablysucceeded in keeping up the high standard of teaching and research by their incessant hard work and extra ordinary level of commitment and unflinching dedication.

The department has a library of its own containing books and journals. Teachers and students make use of this library for their academic purpose. The department has successfully organised U.G.C sponsored National Seminar, State level seminar and workshops. The department has also been organising Departmental Seminars level where students present their academic articles on myraid aspects of the subject. As a part of the extra-curricular activities the department organises picnics at different spots of Odisha and undertakes different extension activities in the vicinity of the campus.

The students of the department since its inception in 1944 have been doing exceedingly well in maintaining high standard in different university examination. Some of them have been toppers and ranked in top ten. The department has gained reputation due to its excellent learning environment, facilities and qualified faculties. Our dedicated and committed faculties provide students with multiple academic pathways and curricular best suited to their strength and interests. The department has been consistently ranked, among the states best department of philosophy with a story of high reputation over its almost seventy five years of history. Over the years the institution is cheering out students who have firmly established themselves in different walks of life at the State and National Level.

We stoutly hope that we would put our best effort to keep up the honour, prestige and dignity of the department and the grand institution of learning i.e. Christ College, Cuttack which would go a long way to serve the society at large and inspire the posterity.

Faculty profile (including teaching, non-teaching & technical staff)
Dr. Mohin Mohammed M.A., M.Phill., Ph.D.Lecturer & HOD9861162403
Sri Suman Roy M.A., M.Phill.Lecturer9337002719
Mrs. Itishree Prusty M.A., M.Phil.Lecturer9583237300
Ms.Swagatika Das M.A., M.Phil.Lecturer9853354124

Gallery Of Philosophy Department

Noted Alumni of the Department of Philosophy
Dr.Rajkishore NathAssociate Prof., IIT, Dept. of D.H.S.S9869322966
Dr.Niranjan MohantyRetd. Reader Dept. of Philosopy9437271824
Dr.Debasish MohantyReader in Philosopy, City College, CTC9437268235
Dr.SadhuCharan SahooRetd. Reader9437302777
Prof. Tapan Kumar PattanaikReader, Kujanga College7873963239
Mr.Sritam DasLine Actor, director, Producer9778044333
Dr. Sameer DiabagReader, Tripura University
Dr. Ashok RoyRetd. Reader 9437353091
Mr.Khirod SatpathyRetd. Bank Officer9437134097
Dr.Aurobinda SahooAsst. Prof. National Law Univeresity, Ranchi8092138154